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At Snowball One we believe that the world should be better connected. We’ve built our business around helping our clients make better connections with their consumers, partners and the disparate parts of their business. We do this by finding innovative ways to join the dots between data, strategy, technology and creativity, to bring your brand closer to the people who matter. There’s a space between creativity and technology and that’s where you will find Snowball One making magic happen. Our approach to every project is designed to drive insight, innovation and influence and deliver real and measureable business outcomes for our clients.

Sebastian Vetter

Back-end Developer

As a German, I am forced into a stereotype of Lederhosen, Weissbir and Brezeln. Can you imagine how disappointing it was when I didn't show up in Lederhosen for my first day at work? So, NO, I am not wearing Lederhosen to work...or Sparkly Pants for that matter. The two things I am most passionate about are rocks and code. Rocks not in the sense of spider-webbed dinos but vertical walls that require to be overcome. And code in the artistic understanding of creating something beautiful as well as simple and efficient... and preferably open-source.

Jonathan Moss


I am a programmer, originally from the UK but I have been operating out Melbourne for a couple of years now. Out of hours I do pretty much the same thing as I do as a Director at Snowball One, which is code. Home does usually involve more beer - which I brew myself.

Jon Price

Front end Developer / Animation Guru

Hi! I'm Jon Price or JP for short. Originally from Adelaide SA, I started with Snowball in August 2011. So far its been a great experience working in a vibrant digital agency, full of fun people passionate about the industry. I am a front-end developer keen to learn and try new technology - trouble is how fast new things are coming out. It surely is an exciting place to be.

James Sann

Senior Digital Designer

I live and breathe all things design. Constantly learning, getting inspired from those smart and talented people around me and around the globe. It gets me out of bed and keeps my sanity in check. I also have a strong passion for popular culture, notably great films, HBO/AMC, indie music, my wife, our dog and meeting awesome people.

Francis Reyes

Back-end Developer

I'm Francis and I've been with Snowball for what seems like forever now. :) I have been developing for a few years and just love it when a plan comes together. I have found a few of life's lessons since working at Tangent: Integrating with eBay is, well... interesting. If all else fails, make some tea. Advice is what we ask for when we already know the answer but wish we didn't.

David Minnett


I am driven by staying ahead of the curve and figured out long ago that was in my genes. Having grown up in an analog advertising world I was fast onto the Macintosh revolution in 1985 as the communications world changes forever. Because of this journey I have a unique set of skills that has helped sharpen my approach to developing fresh approaches to problems and implementing practical solutions for clients. I love statistics, analytics, insights and the list goes on. I am a very lucky guy to work with such a great team at Snowball One in Australia.

Andrew Lewis


I have worked in design all my life specialising in FMCG packaging design, which has now evolved into ‘brand design’. What drives me is a passion for NPD and innovation borne out of insights and gut feel. What excites me about this transition into the digital world is that it is continually innovating at a rate of knots as new frontiers open up every day, hour, minute …I am fortunate that the Snowball One team is ahead of the curve!

Stuart Timmins

Designer & Typographer

During my years as a leading typographer in several leading Multi-National Ad Agencies, I refined my skills around delivering colour, balance and finesse. In the ever changing communications industry I have always had a love of design in advertising. Now the evolution continues the same ambitions are still ever present in my work at Snowball One as my skills cross over into the digital space.

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