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At Snowball One, we specialise in web design, development, strategy, direct marketing and partner integrations.

We've been developing ecommerce solutions for businesses of all sizes since 2006, helping clients like The Chocolate Box, Carlsberg, SAP, Bookworld and Tata reap the rewards of taking their brands online or enhancing their existing presence.

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Hello oscar

With the release of our new open source ecommerce solution Oscar we're taking ecommerce flexibility and adaptability to a whole new level. Now you have access to an ecommerce platform tailored to your specific requirements, that meets your particular brand and business needs without the usual 'bespoke' build costs and timelines.

If you’re looking for an ecommerce solution that’s simple enough to get up and running today, flexible enough to allow for tomorrow's changes and smart enough to adapt to next week's user experience best-practice, visit today to find out more...

Whether you’re a multichannel retailer, online only, selling business-to-business or enterprise customer, Snowball One can help provide a complete solution to your needs.

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